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General Rules:

  • Mouth guards, must be worn at all times
  • Players may only compete for one team during the event
  • Technical Fouls will be 45 seconds and Personal Fouls are 1:30 minutes, as games are in "running-time". Officials can extend penalties beyond 1:30 minutes if warranted.
  • Penalties begin on the referee's re-start.
  • Any fighting or flagrant disrespect towards an official will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament. No exceptions, no refunds.
  • Teams must be available for all games. Please remember that many teams travel great distances for this event expecting to play a minimum of 5 games, and we rely on your professionalism to hold that commitment.

Game Play:

  • NCAA Rules
    • 20 Seconds to Clear but no shot clock
    • No Diving
  • Games consist of two 25-minute halves, and a 4 minute halftime.
  • There are NO timeouts!
  • Game times start at the top of the hour and are kept by a central horn. One horn will end and begin each half.
  • All games if tied at end of regulation will play one 10v10 overtime period of 4 minutes. First goal wins. After the overtime period expires with no goal scored, both teams will receive a tie. There are no ties in Day 2's championship bracket play. Ties will only be accepted in Day 1's pool play and Day 2's consolation games.


    WIN = 3 points | TIE = 1 point | LOSS = 0 points

    *** Any team that plays an extra pool game due to being in an uneven group, last game will not be counted towards their record or goals against/differential. ***

    Tie Break Procedure:

    1. Head to Head
    2. Goals Against
    3. Goal Differential
    4. Coin Flip

    Inclement Weather Rules:

    • There are no rain dates for this event. Assume that games will be played on their scheduled dates.
    • If inclement weather causes a game stoppage (i.e. lightning), play will stop until the head official deems conditions are safe to resume.
      • If play stops in the first half of a game, the game resumes with the beginning of the 2nd half.
      • If play stops in the 2nd half of a game, the game ends immediately. The team in the lead gets the win. If tied, a 3 minute sudden death takes place when play resumes. First goal wins, unless it's a playoff or championship game. 
    • If the delay is substantial, tournament directors may decide to shorten some games until the event is back on-time.

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